• 19/07/2018 INTERIOR DESIGN

    INTERIOR DESIGN! If you dont have time or maybe not enough inspiration ... Skyline turns your house into a home. Do you want Ibiza style or do you like minimalism ... whatever you want we make sure you will love your new place! All you have to do is turn the key and enter into your new, ready-to-move in home. If you are interested in this service from Skyline let us know and we provide the perfect design. Skyline makes it happen!

  • 19/07/2018 CONSTRUCTION

    CONSTRUCTION! Skyline collaborates with an architect and various construction companies. We guide the building process or renovation process; we are present at all meetings with the architect, we take care of 3D drawings of the house and we make in between pictures of the construction and pay attention to a good finish of the house. We advise when choosing a construction company. In short ... it is safe to build with Skyline!

  • 19/07/2018 MORTGAGE REQUEST

    MORTGAGE REQUEST! The Skyline team can help you with the application for a mortgage in Spain. We have good contacts with the Spanish banks. We guide the entire process . This service has a special fee for Skyline customers.

  • 26/05/2017 IMPORTANT MUMBERS

    READY TO GO PACKAGE! We offer our Skyline clients an allround package with the most important contactdetails. When you buy a house with us and your new spanish lifestyle will start these are the things you will need along the way: medical/dental service, translation service, pool service, cleaning service, gardenmaintanance, electrician, plumber, satelite/internet service, etc. and all the main contactdetails you need to know. Especially for our Skyline clients this package is ready and waiting.

  • PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY! This service is optional for those who want a more extensive exposure for their property. You can make an appointment with our photographer and he comes to your house with all his equipment to make a fotoshoot. Because of the competition in this area it is important to present your property in the best possible way. A professional fotoshoot service offers:Styling the house360 degree viewAir photosGive us a call or visit our office to know more about this extra service. For Skyline clients this service is free. 

  • 24/05/2017 SELL YOUR HOUSE

    TO SELL YOUR HOUSE! SKYLINE as an international real estate broker also has a department of "selling your home"  First impressions of your house is very important, our photographer will make beautiful photos so that your house gets the best possible presentation. We have a database with INTERNATIONAL customers so your house will be seen! We use different kinds of marketing strategies for this.  We will guide you during the entire sales process; this means arranging the notary, preparing the deed, overwriting the electricity, water and real estate tax to the new owner.In short, if you wish to sell your property, you are at SKYLINE at a reliable address. You can contact us through the contact form, call or visit our office.

  • 24/05/2017 MICROCLIMATE

    COSTA BLANCA THE FLORIDA OF EUROPA! Many people like to stay on the Costa Blanca also called the white coast because of the beautiful sandy beaches and the special climate. The area between Denia and Benidorm has a high number of hours of sunshine per year. The Montgo and Bernia high mountains create a microclimate. At the coast, the humidity is high, making it very healthy for the body and the respiratory organs. The region is known all over the world for its relatively soft, warm summers and mild winters, with many suns and low rainfall. The precipitation that falls, however, is sufficient for a very beautiful green environment.

  • 24/05/2017 N.I.E. NUMBER

    APPLY FOR N.I.E NUMBER! The first thing you need to buy a property in Spain is a NIE number. A NIE (Numbero de Identidad de Extranjero) is a tax number you receive from the immigration service. You will need to have this number to buy a house in Spain, submit your tax, start a business, open a bank account, and nearly all other official forms you need to fill in. You must apply for this at the Policia Local. For SKYLINE customers we arrange this for a special rate.

  • 24/05/2017 FINANCE

    AT THE NOTARY! Skyline arranges an appointment with the notary. To the notary you will join:  * Your passport  * Your NIE  *  A proof of the bank indicating the source of all payments.  *  The bank checks for the payment and possibly the cashThe provisional sales contract usually determines who paid. Usually it will be based on buyer costs, which means that the buyer pays the notary. The fees for the notary are legally established by the college of notaries and do not vary accordingly. You do not have to pay the notary in cash, he will usually let you sign an authorization that charges your account's billed costs.TAXBelow is a brief explanation of the most common taxes that you can get in Spain.1. Property tax (Impuesto sobre bienes inmuebles).The owner of the property pays between 0.3% and 0.6% of the cadastral value, which differs by municipality.2. Transfer tax (Impuesto de Transmisiones Patrimoniales / ITP).Transfer tax is 7% over the amount stated in the property certificate. This applies to existing homes.3. IVA (VAT). The rate is 7% in the following cases.    - When buying a new property with a project developer.    - When buying a building plot linked to a building assignment of a property.    The rate is 16% in the following cases.    - When buying a commercial property.    - Purchase of land for a project developer.INVESTIt is interesting to invest in Spain, because property prices increase on average over 10% on an annual basis. There are a number of possibilities for the investment to result in a good investment.1. To buy and to live the house yourself. After a number of years, profits can be made on sales.2. To buy and rent the house. This results in an annual rental income, with at least 6% net return being realized. On sale, of course, profits can be made.3. Buying a house from the drawing and by selling an average delivery time of 2 years. The most interesting thing about this way of investing is that you usually pay 30% of the price and can achieve a good return on investment on sales.4. Depending on the fund provider, funding is possible up to 80% of the property's estimated value.Due to good market knowledge and close contact with project developers, we can give you good advice for a good investment